12 October 2023: The Discovery Centre Launch event


Earlier this year the Faculty of Science endorsed “The Discovery Centre for Fundamental Research” as a Departmental Centre in the Faculty.

The centre is welcoming to all who support this vision, and we hope that you can become involved.

We are inviting you to our launch event, Thursday October 12. There are two main parts:

1. 3pm – 4:30pm launch presentations, discussions, and refreshments:
Venue: Clock Tower – Room 39
3:05-3:10 Welcome and Opening
3:10-3:30 Professor Richard Easther (Physics)
Multiverse cosmology and science
3:30-4:00 Coffee and Discussion
4:00-4:20 Professor Rachel Fewster (Statistics)
Curiosity killed the rat – but saved the whale: how a nifty piece of complex analysis is saving NZ’s biodiversity
4:20-4:30 Our vision and plans

2. 5pm–6:30pm there is a music and dance interpretation event:
Venue: The Music Theatre Room 250-117, School of Music, 6 Symonds Street
Title: The Mathematics of Dances
Composed by: Pedram Hekmati.

Note, for anyone wishing to attend the nearby Ihaka lecture at 6.30pm, the music event will include a brief intermission, around 6:10pm.

5 October 2023: “Knot theory and Virtual Reality”


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